Optional system power-ups for added audience engagement


Make that TV earn it’s keep! Already playing live television for your visiting guests? With our TV Injection technology, we’re able to capture your existing live television feed and insert within an attractive and branded digital presentation that also showcases your specials and promotions alongside the action.

Provide alternative infotainment as well including news scrolls, weather forecasts, and customizable text tickers for any type of posting you’d like.

Restaurants • Bars • Waiting Rooms

Increase revenue by making up-selling and cross-selling easy.


Keep your presentation fresh and playful by adding our customizable “Did-You-Know?” plugin to your playlist cycle.

This short 10-second player randomly displays an interest tidbit from history, science, sports, and entertainment. But it doesn’t stop there – augment or replace all postings with your own tidbits if you wish. Fully editable, post did-you-knows about your business history and processes. Even use the plugin to post light-hearted announcements and messages. Sets up a great sponsorship opportunity!

Entertain and inform with this fun widget.

Social Media

Aggregate all your social media posts to your screens using this powerful plugin.

Display your most current posts from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram making updating your digital signage content even easier!

Youtube Streaming

If you have a YouTube channel you regularly update, this is the plugin for you!

Dynamically stream any YouTube video or channel direct to your digital signage displays. The plugin also even supports YouTube live streaming!