Google Integration

Google is the absolute master of making everything they create incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use. As licensed Google developers, we have worked tirelessly to develop a host of powerful digital signage components unique to us that harness the power of the Google suite.

Google Calendar

To-the-minute event display for wayfinding systems and event centres are now a reality using our integrated component. Schedule your events months in advance and have them appear on your signage exactly on time.

Fully customizable mini site-specific digital signage displays for outside conference, meeting, and event rooms displaying the current event and what’s up next.

Google Drive

Forget messing with cumbersome software to keep your signage current. Point a screen division in your presentation to any Google Drive to display graphics, photos, and video content in real time. Collaborate by sharing drives. Administer permissions as you like.

Instantly drop photos you’ve taken into your signage presentation. Collaborate by creating multiple Google Drive players and shares amongst signage participants.

Google Sheets

Instantly and globally update values and text using our Google Sheets integrated component.

Adjust your signage to reflect inventory. Change pricing and create specials in a jiffy to increase sales. All values and text can be made dynamic in most any content imaginable.